Allergy Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots)

allergy shots

Allergy Immunotherapy

What Is Allergy Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots)?

Allergen immunotherapy, commonly referred to as “allergy shots,” has been around for over 120 years and continues to be the #1 treatment option for patients suffering from chronic allergies. Since allergen immunotherapy works by promoting the body’s natural immune system, it is one of the few treatment options to actually address the underlying cause of allergies rather than just the symptoms alone. When formulated and administered by an allergy specialist, allergen immunotherapy has been proven to have unmatched results that are both highly effective and safe.

To learn more about allergen immunotherapy or to see if allergen immunotherapy is the right option for you, schedule an appointment to speak with our Board-Certified Allergist.

Allergy Immunotherapy Symptoms?

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Allergy Immunotherapy Testing

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Allergy Immunotherapy Treatment

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